Broody or another hen moving eggs?

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    My friend's silkie/cochin mix has been broody so we gave her some eggs to hatch. Problem is, some of them keep ending up in another nest box, even though the broody is staying on the same nest. We're concerened that they may not hatch if this continues.

    Some of her coop mates will lay eggs under her when she is broody, so that explains any extra eggs, but not how some of the marked eggs end up in another box. Is it possible one of the other chickens is jealous and stealing some off the broody's eggs? If so, what can we do, do we need to isolate the broody hen and her eggs? What kind of broody lets another hen steal her eggs? This did not happen the last time she hatched eggs, but not all the hens were full grown then, either. My friend thinks her BO may be jealous...

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    Chickens can move eggs, its funny to watch.

    I would isolate her+eggs if you need the chicks.

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