Broody? or eggbound?


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9 Years
Sep 4, 2010
Not sure but I think my hen is broody... she's a light brahma a little over a year old. She's in the nesting area a lot but no egg. I had to place some wooden eggs in the nesting boxes due to accidental egg eating. One of my other JG's was laying thin eggs and I think an accidental broken egg was sampled so I immediately purchased some wooden eggs and placed them in the boxes to deter any further egg eating which seems to have worked great but now my lt brahma is possibly trying to hatch the eggs?

What to do? Should I just take the eggs out and see what happens, will that correct the broodiness if that's what I'm dealing with or just let it pass. I have 6 other chickens so I'm still getting enough eggs.

Thanks for any advice.
i'll have to check tonight. she's in there when I go out around 7pm and in there in the morning when I check on them at 7am and of course, throughout the day. i did remove the wooden eggs and take out any other eggs as soon as i see them.

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