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I have an 8 month old Silkie that has been laying every other day. For the last few days I have found her in the nest box all day. I lifted her to see if she had an egg, and there was one, but I am not sure if it was hers. Since 3 days ago, she hasn't laid, but sits in the box all day and night. This morning I picked her up and tried to feel her underside for an egg stuck, but I can't tell if she has one in there. Also I put her down on the ground and she walked to the food dish, ate ravenously and drank a lot of water. Then went right back in the box. Is she broody with no eggs? She normally lays and just leaves the eggs. I have no roos either. Or do you think she is egg bound. She is normally quite loud and tries to dominate all the other girls. So this is out of charachter for her totally. When I get home I am going to see if anything changed, but I am worried she might be egg bound. Another note, when I pick her up and put her down, she doesn't try to sit or anything, so that is what is confusing me. She is a new layer and very young to be having any issues. I have 5 total and they are all super spoiled and well taken care of. So I am stumped. Thanks for the help!
x2 sounds broody. Silkies are very broody birds. When they go broody they will sit in the nest day and night. She might lose some of the feathers on her tummy and will only get down to eat or drink once a day, maybe less. All of that behavior is normal and she will eat when she needs to. Don't put food in her nest or she will start pooping in there. If you want to try to break her you can put her in a wire bottom cage off the ground so that she can not nest or you can just give her a fake egg and let her be. It usually is about 3 weeks. She will not lay at all during this time.
She is broody. And she is a silkie, so it's not likely that she'll snap out of it on her own. If you don't want chicks, then search breaking a broody.
How do you break a broody hen? Also, when I take her out of the box and set her down, she acts all crazy like she's having a seizure of sorts. Is she still sleeping and not fully awake? Are the supposed to be that discombobulated? We have no rooster so none of our eggs will ever hatch. Also she isn't even sitting on any. Other hens will lay their eggs and she snatches them and I quickly take them. She still sits......and sits......on nothing.
Broodiness is an instinct behavior, not a logical one. Her brain is telling her to nest so she is going to nest. She can't count and she can't tell if she lives with a rooster or not. Hens are usually broody for about 3 weeks so this will continue for awhile. Silkies are very broody birds so this will happen with some frequency throughout her life.

There are a few ways to break them but I have never done it. Use the search on the forum. There are several good threads about it.
Thank you sooooooo much for your great posts! I missed your first one for some reason, but I'll tell you this is such a HUGE relief! I am so glad she is ok. She is my fav girl :) I am not familiar with Silkies, but she really is my baby. Kinda warms my heart to see her trying to be such a good mama :) Thanks again, you made my day! Sooo helpful! And I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. I'm sure you have some great karma coming your way!

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