Broody or sick or ?


May 2, 2017
Southeast Missouri
Hi All,

I went to let my ducks out of the garage this morning and discovered my favorite one looking... Rough. Feathers plucked, won't get out of her nest.

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When I get close she opens her mouth (as seen in the second photo) and makes the smallest little hiss noise.

Ducks recently wormed with safeguard about a month ago, eating Mazuri maintenance and breeder. This girl fell in the pond over the weekend (freezing water), we got her out right away and warmed her up. All seemed fine until today.

Hopefully I'm congratulating the proud momma and not rushing her to the vet. What's your thoughts?
Sounds (and looks) broody to me. You may want to shore up the sides of her nest and remove the surrounding eggs so you don't accidentally get a staggered hatch, if you haven't done that already.
Thanks for the quick replies! I thought broody, but the feathers missing from between her wings threw me. Of course, I always worry too much about them.

I've shored up her nest and removed Moana's eggs...

I'll make sure she gets up once a day (at least) to eat and drink.
Thanks @Miss Lydia, I always appreciate your response. She started molting around her face and neck about two weeks ago. She does have down feathers in her nest. The last molt was very progressive -- this is simply just a patch of feathers missing. It looks like she may have plucked them.

Right now the boys are in the bachelor pad, so I can rule out overmating... I was wondering about stress. Though she's only a year... so maybe this is just her attempt at lining her nest?
I just went to check again -- yesterday she preferred to be carried around like a baby. Today if I get close, she puffs up and hisses. She has turned 90 degrees on the nest, so I think she's sitting.

She has been sitting over night for the last few nights, but would follow the others out during the day.

There's just something that looks a little "off" and it may be the feathers. I have a goose sitting right now, and it was clear the goose was sitting. There's just something with her that's making me go "hmmm...".

Thanks again for the quick responses and feedback!
Sounds like she is broody so just keep and eye on her. Usually they pluck the feathers in their chest to line their nests, the downy ones, If you have some poultry vitamins put some in her water. Usually they molt after being broody .
Great idea -- I keep save-a-chick on hand. I'll add it to the water.

Admittedly, I don't know much about the various vitamin supplements available. Is there one that is better?
I like Poultry Nutri drench TSC carries it.

Also cat kibble fish based is great protein for them when molting and will also help keep her fit while brooding. along with reg feed of course. I give mine dog kibble salmon and pea and dried mealworms as extra protein[ I haven't any cats]

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