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    Jan 4, 2010
    My ringneck went broody and eggs hatched and still hatching at 830pm. Idk what to do and need help/input/advice. The male is with her but def afraid and staying away in a corner. It is my understanding this does not happen with captive pheasants and we hatched these two in 2009. Not only that but it is August!

    Their pen is covered with grape and berry vines. We have a double layer fence but the babies are tiny enough t get through. I can't imagine taking babies from a mom but even if we wanted to we can't get to her without being attacked by the male. This is why we stopped egg collection to begin with.

    I live in the city and we do Urban farming. Problem there is squirrls, rodents, raccoons and such going for babies. We have a hawk that would eat them if they got out.

    Will the dad kill them? Will they stay in the pen with mom? What do I do? I am terrified for these babies but idk what to do. We have asthmatic two year old so no birds inside anymore.



    Jenni and Mark
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    I would suggest you remove them. Two years in a row I've had a Lady Amherst hen go broody and succesfully hatch chicks. The first time she hatched a chick, after a few hours she left it. I found it shivering in the pheasant house, so we brought in inside to warm up. It later died when the heat lamp burnt out. When she hatched chicks this last spring after about half a day I removed the chicks. She didn't like it, tried to peck my hand a ton. If we had left them in they would have been able to get between our pens. Make sure they get fed gamebird starter. Good luck!
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    Can you add more wire so they don't get out of the pen. I have had females that hatch there eggs but I watch them closly to make sure there are no problems. If this is her second time hatching she will probably be fine but still I would watch them closly.
    Good Luck
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    You could add more wire, but it might not be worth the time and effort. It mainly depends on how much.

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