Broody Poop-Why so awful? Have to ask...

Carrie Lynn

Aug 30, 2010
S.E. Michigan
I've seen comments regarding broody poop and I'm puzzled. What is especially awful about broody poop?
I'm not a fan of chicken poop, but appreciate it's value as a fertilizer. I have an Australorp chick and know that they can frequently go broody.
Just want to know what to expect...don't think it will be good news though.
Carrie Lynn
Coz they only poop once a day, so it's HUGE and well, stinks to high heaven! Kinda looks like something a medium sized dog might drop, only smells worse.....
They don't poop as often as normal since they are on the nest. So when they do, it is HUGE and the nastiest thing I have ever smelled!
One of my faverolle's was the worst....we thought something died and look for a while trying to find it.
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I didnt know about broody poop until it was too late. I was cleaning pens moving chickens out and cleaing under them etc...I had a broody hen that had nothing under her. SO I pciked her up to replace hay and bang broody poop down my arm and front of my shirt. I dropped her and ran out of the coop and hurled outside-her poop still smelled worse than my vomit---

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