Broody, Production Hen.

One of my Bantam Araucana hens will go broody at the drop of a hat 🤦‍♀️
So I guess you could do all the things I avoid to keep the broodiness :)
Leave (fake) eggs in nest box... remove games/amusement from run? Spruce up the nest box adding turf base and lovely herbs, soft bedding?
Perhaps that would set the mood :)
Lots more experienced people on here... sure they will have some better ideas :)
I thought about maybe closing one of them in one of the nest spaces with feed and water and gradually adding eggs to perhaps entice broodyness
Hi All
Anyone ever had luck, coaxing a production hen to go Broody?

Please could you share some tips

Thank you

:welcome Needless to say they have been bred for/selected for production and not broodiness. Generally in such operations broody hens are removed from the program. That being said, production birds do sometimes go broody. This happens in their own sweet time - you can't force broodiness. Cooping a hen in a nest with eggs will result in pooped on eggs. Why not add a couple of known broody breeds to your flock ?
Very true, thank you.
Perhaps I should add a broody, have an Incubator, but the thermostat has been faulty, would need to replace that first

Thank you all so much for your insights

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