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    Jul 6, 2011
    I have a broody pullet...she just started laying a month or so ago. She won't come out of the box. She lets me take the eggs away, but continues to sit in the box. I do not have a rooster and do not have access to any fertilized eggs...besides, it is December and very cold here. Any ideas for how I can get her back to running around with the other girls???
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    Some break more easily than others. Tossing mine out of the nest and keeping the coop door shut until around 1 (several days in a row) has worked for me a few times, but I have that option, because I have two coops (and so nest boxes are available if someone needs to lay). Some suggest penning the broody up in a dog crate or something (with no bedding to snuggle into). Some give up easily, while others will head straight back to the nest. I've also waited the 21 days; mine have seemed easier to break when I let them sit that month (although I still tossed them off the nest each day to force them to eat/drink).
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    I remove the eggs from under them and pick them up twice daily. I use this time to check them over for mites and lice, they kindly fluff their feathers for me to see under [​IMG] I put them down on the floor near the food and water, if they immediately go back in the nest, I take them farther away from it and try to offer yummy stuff to distract them some.

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