Broody Pullet?

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    I noticed one of my d'Anvers pullets wasn't eating and was laying around a lot, so I brought her inside to keep an eye on her. She wolfed down the food I offered her in the house, so I assumed she was afraid to eat around the other chickens. I decided to keep her inside today for observation and so I could make sure she was eating. That's how I noticed that she isn't just laying down, but she's also using her beak to fluff shavings around her. She's also extremely puffy looking (for lack of a better word), with her feathers fluffed up around her. She's only 10.5 weeks though, so the thought of her being broody hadn't even occurred to me but it really seems like it. Is it unheard of/impossible for them to go broody at this age?

    I took a video of her. Sorry for the dim lighting.
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    10.5 Weeks is likely too early to go broody. I wouldn't expect it at least until after she lays her first egg.
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    At her age, those things are indicative of illness/distress not broodiness - so it's a good thing you have separated her. Now the challenge will be determining which illness you are dealing with
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    Darn, as unlikely as I knew it was I was really hoping broodiness was possible because it would mean she wasn't ill.

    After watching her for the day I've got this list:

    The good:
    - Her tail is upright and normal.
    - She eats when offered food.
    - She won't drink from her dish, but eagerly takes water droplets off my finger (she even starts to bite pretty hard after a bit).
    - Her eyes are bright and she's interested in what is going on around her, will look up at me when I check on her, etc.
    - Normal bowel movements that don't smell bad (aside from cecal poops).
    - She's still interested in grooming/preening herself.
    - Her butt fluff is clean and fluffy.
    - Her comb doesn't seem overly pale, although it's hard to tell (it is definitely pinkish though).

    The bad:
    - She does seem unsteady on her feet and often leans to one side when sitting.
    - She can perch on the side of the rubber tote I have her in, but she'll start to lean after a bit.
    - She won't get up and help herself to food or water on her own.
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