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    Hey! I have a quick question... I have a broody sexlink (weird right) and she's been broody for about 2 days. Last night I moved her to a different location and put the eggs ( lavender Orpington leghorn cross) under her... The next morning she ran out of the broody box and the eggs were cold :( she's sitting in them again In the nesting box where she was before. Are the eggs okay? Will they still hatch? I REALLY want some chickies! I am curious about what they'll look like :D
    TIA! This wasn't as quick as I hoped it would be lol
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    Here's my chicks-to-be daddy :)
    His name is Hans :D
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    Seriously y'all?
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Okay, I'll take a stab at it. From what I understand, the eggs don't stay warm the entire time--they get laid and then hang out in the nest box until enough eggs for a clutch are laid. The broody decides when there are enough eggs. Then she sits on them and they all come up to temp needed to develop into chicks. It's summer, maybe the eggs are still warm enough for her to get off for awhile and then get back on? Maybe she's not really broody, just likes hanging out there. If it were me, I'd leave them. If she gets back on and sits then you may get lucky. If she doesn't then you've lost your fertile eggs. I have never hatched eggs, so this is just a guess. Good luck.
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    Thanks! She's definitely broody... has been sitting on the eggs for over two days now :D I think they'll be fine.

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