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    Since this is my first experience with a broody hen I am not sure what is "normal". My momma hen is in a small cage--- like a rabbit hutch--- she looks fine but I never see her eat or drink. Because of the small space the feed and water are right next to her and I can tell she is taking both by it is so little it is hard to tell --- she does pick at treats like a cabbage leaf of some scrambled egg--- but my bigger concern I haven't noticed any droppings--- she doesn't budge off the nest--- so I don't know if she is going in a corner behind her--- do I move her? I am afraid to disturb her.... [​IMG]

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    She 's going to be fine. I have a couple broody hens that hatch their chickies and I did not see them during the day getting of her nest.
    The first couple days it seems like they are glued to their nest but after a couple days they will eat and drink quick. If it makes you feel better you can feed her by putting feed and drink in front of her.
    if she is hungry she will eat. Nature has his way of getting mom and the chicks in good balance.
    good luck
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    She will be fine. Just leave her alone and let her hatch you some chicks! [​IMG]

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