Broody question

Corey NC

12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
North Carolina
I have my first broody of the year, one of my buff orps. I want to put my swap eggs under her but I dont have any great place to put her.

I have an XL dog kennal that I've used before that I think will work but I don't have any shavings on hand.

Would blankets work? I also have straw but would that be too difficult to keep clean or would it be uncomfortable for her?
Corey...The straw might work better than the blankets...remember when she is confined in a space she has to poo somewhere and broody poo is horrible..the straw you can clean out or scrape out once in awhile for her..sometimes they don't get up to poo they just go in the nestbox or mine have.....I keep my broodys in a large wire dog crate with her nestbox of pine and water...hope this helped..
Straw will be ok for a broody hen but it might get a bit messy with blankets. Shredded papper will Work fine too. As long as the hen can make a warm, deep, nest.

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