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    May 5, 2010
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    I have 5 hens that are broody right now. It is the first time for all of them. Some chicks are close to hatch date and a few just started. They were in nest boxes in the coop. The nest boxes are about a foot off the ground. Tonight I moved all the chicks and their eggs to an area that is secluded from the rest of the flock. Now they will not settle down and sit on their eggs. Do I need to move them back in the coop and let them reclaim the nest boxes? My concern is the little chicks once they will they get up and down from the nest boxes?
    Maybe these are stupid questions, but being my first time with broodies, I am not sure how to handle it.
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    I had the SAME problem!!! My broody refused to move. I had to put her back. She wouldn't sit on the eggs otherwise. I had to basically relocate all the laying hens to accommodate her!! Now I'm finding eggs all over my yard, as nobody knows where to lay. NOT the ideal situation. I ended up sneaking week old purchased chicks under my broody in the cover of darkness to break the broody mama. She's now a happy mama hen, and still doesn't let anybody near the nest [​IMG]
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    I think I would 'def move the hens to a different spot with their eggs/chicks so your layers can have their nesting box back. [​IMG]

    ~ Aspen
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    There are two ways of doing this...and both are nighttime stealth missions. Broody hens have to be moved under cover of darkness and left in their new place in full darkness for awhile....I've even placed the box under a towel for the daytime hours on the next day of transfer. Darkness usually keeps a hen right where you place her, as she cannot see well enough in the dark to wander off the nest.

    You can either move broody and eggs to their new home or wait until they hatch and move the broody and chicks....but it needs to be in full darkness and with only minimal use of flashlight.

    Either way it is always more successful if each broody has their own place to brood and bond with family.

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