Broody-Raised Sex Links at 8 Weeks

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    Here are our two Broody-Raised Sex Links at 8 weeks. The nearer is Lacey, for her breast coloring, and the other is Two (no official name yet but we called her Chick 2 for a while). Some of the lastest developments are that they are roosting with the flock now. For a long time, Momma Bea nested with them in the nest box where they were hatched. Coupla weeks ago, Bea went back to roosting and the two pullets were very vocally upset. She relented and nested with them again for a while but about 4 days ago, she went back to the roost bar. They carried on for a while but finally struggled to get on the roost bar next to Momma and now that's their spot. I watched them last night and she now makes room for them on the bar.

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