Broody raising two separate clutches?


Love Comes with Feathers
9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
I have a broody Cochin that I'll be getting some chicks for. However, the only chicks I can get are Delawares right now, and my uncle (who will be owning the chicks after my broody raises them) wants them to be all separate breeds, preferably Raiders' colors. And the Dellies are limited for now. So if I gave my broody some chicks from one clutch, then introduced some more chicks to her later, would she accept them> I've heard of it happening, but I want to make sure.
It's not likely. Often they'll attack and kill the new ones. It's not advised.

Ditto. My one broody accepted her sisters chicks that were 4+ weeks old, but I didn't introduce them, they introduced themselves. Plus she was already used to these older chicks, since they were hatched in her flock.

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