broody rir, no rooster


9 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Citronelle, AL
should i be worried about my hen who has suddenly gone broody when i have no rooster? i've never had chickens until i got my two rir chicks last year. we live on 10 acres out in the woods so when the chicks grew big enough i let them have the run of the place. they have a fenced in area but can come and go as they please. at night they roost on the porch rail. after a visit from my neighbor's guineas with their chicks one of my hens went broody. i make her come in for food and water once a day, but she spends the rest of her time on her nest under the house. she's not laying everyday like she used to, but one every few days. i take the egg when she does lay, but she continues to sit on an empty nest. i'm concerned.
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