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    Feb 27, 2008
    My girls dont have a rooster with them so the eggs arent fertile. She has been broody for 5 days now and would like to get her to stop being broody but dont know how. Should i just keep taking the eggs from under her and putting her out of the nest? I dont have anyplace else i can seperate her from the others at the moment. Or should i find someone with some fertile eggs and give them to her to sit on? Thanks
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    Wow a broody RIR. In my 7 or 8 years with RIR I have never had one go broody on me. I've been told that broodiness has been bred out of them. I tried and tried to get mine to go broody but they wouldn't.
    If you want more chicks then go and see if you can get some fertile eggs to put under her at nighttime. Just have a incubator ready in case she decided not to be a good mommie.
    If you want to break her of broodiness and get her back to laying then put her in a wire cage with food and water, no nest box or eggs, and hang it off the ground for a couple days perferably out in the open breeze. You can also put a fan under her cage to blow air under her. The idea is to cool off her belly and that will break the broody.
    Good luck

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