10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
central Texas
I have a question that my feed store peeps can't answer.

It's about this rooster I bought from them.
He acts like a hen. He sits on eggs AND raises chicks. He is very much a roo. Bright red comb and wattle, battles my buff-colored large breed roo, and keeps chicks huddled under him.

He is a black cochin. I've seen him be his manly self with the girls and then go right back to his babies. He crows all morning long, with little heads of varying colors and sizes poking out of his feathers all over. Some even hop onto his back for a ride.

Is this normal behavior for this breed? Or at all? He is my first cochin. He is also my first non-stewpot roo.

Just wondering. Please let me know what you know about such things. Thanks!


11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
Olympia WA
That sounds very cute! You MUST get a picture and post it on here for us somehow. I have heard (on BYC) of other roosters helping with the chicks, but he sounds exceptional, a keeper!

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