Broody,scrawny, lethargic hen with yellow skin round eyes

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    Oct 27, 2011
    My Speckeldy Ruby has been broody for about 8 weeks now and is so skinny its scary. I have tried breaking the broodiness by removing the eggs regularly, taking her out of the nest, leaving her in the nest, ignoring her.....everything the internet has suggested and everything the place I bought her from has suggested. I can't stand seeing her looking so teribble.Around her eyes is beginning to look yellowy too. Do I need to get some fertilised eggs? I'm all out of ideas - please help! Thank you!

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    Seperate her and put her in a cage or crate for one week, provide feed and water. Purchase poultry nutri drench and give her 1-2 drops daily for 5 days. The poultry nutri drench is loaded with vitamins and minerals, dont give it to her more than 5 can cause diarrhea.
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    Wow, 8 weeks.
    That is a very long time. She really need to eat and drink.
    I would not let her hatch her own eggs now. Because she would have to be on her nest for another 3 weeks.

    Sound like she really wants to be a mommy.
    I think you should go to your feed store and buy her a chick or two. most hens will adopt the chicks if they are young.

    You really need to do something.
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