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Apr 5, 2015
ok, so to my surprise i had one of my sebrights get really really broody, so i let her sit, and on last Saturday 3 baby sebrights/bantam chicks hatched. all the late eggs went under the other really broody sebright, yes 2 very broody sebrights, in fact the only hens i have right now that are broody are my sebrights. well sad to say but i forgot to put a ramp back into the coop for the chicks to get back in and some time last night they got out and mamma was not able to keep them warm and they well died, heart broken we were but to our luck that mamma crammed her self into the other sebrights box and they now have started to joint aid in keeping the other eggs warm, when i went into the coop tonight to settle everyone in, i heard that wonderful sound of baby chicks peeping under both sebrights, looks like they will be sharing motherhood... this is great, when i picked up the babies before they died the one sebright attacked me harder than i have ever had a chicken attack me before, she put everything she had into pecking me and kicking me, it was in a way wonderful how protective she was over her babies, we are glade to know that now she has a chance to raise some babies, i made a big dirt ramp for the chicks, water and food, so hopefully this time the chicks wont die, if anyone has ideas on how i can better raise the chicks then please speak up, i would love to hear what you have to say, i would like the mamma's to raise there babies unaided by human hand, but if i need to intervene than i will.
thank you for all your help you have been great, i have babies

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