Broody serama mama drama

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    Jan 2, 2011
    So my serama pullet, Gobbles started laying less than a mo.ago. I have one roo who is 6 mo. Old Brahma....and he is massive. He weighs about 7 lbs. And Gobbles less than a lb. So I considered rehoming him so be wouldn't hurt her while mating. But she always avoided him like the plague and he is the most gentlemanly roo ever. He kindly asks for permission from the girls and is ever so gentle so I didn't worry. Well suddenly Gobbles starts hiding her eggs...I never could find them. Then one night she doesn't come home. I thought she was dead. Three days later she's back so I figure she's broody. She hangs for a bit then disappears. She reappears occasionally to eat but its always right before I take my daughter to school so I can never follow her. And also when she is eating my other LF girls attack her. Even her besie which they were inseperable before this. So finally today I held off feeding them til after I dropped my daughter at school. She came out and I followed her and she's nesting deep under my deck. And on top of it her bestie, cheddar chip started laying less than 2 weeks ago and is hiding eggs and stealing other she going broody too!
    So here's my question. What will she do if the eggs are infertole from no mating? Would she go broody if she's never even mated? If she did, would the chicks be able to survive since the dad is huge is so small? I can't get to the eggs or her, so candling is out, so is giving her a live chick, plus they are too big. And why are the others being mean? Will Gobbles and her bestie be bff's ever again? And is it normal for such a young pulley to go broody?
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    Jan 2, 2011
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    She will most likely continue to sit, even if the eggs never develop. Since she is so small, this could affect her health. Either get her some fertile eggs to hatch, or search on here for how to break a broody. If they are fertile, I don't know what would happen as I don't have any bantams.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Thanks for replying. I unfortunately can't get to her eggs. If they don't hatch at the 21ish day mark, I'll try to catch her and break her. Thanks!

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