Broody Silkie- 1st time -Questions!?

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    I have a 6 month old silkie who's just gone broody as of yesterday. I figured she would soon. Two complications to this are; since she's never been with my rooster (checked yolks of eggs daily before cooking)
    she has no eggs of her own to brood. They're WOODEN EGGS she's sitting on & crooning to. Not a problem, but a waste of her time... I know, they'd hatch a doorknob:rolleyes:

    Second complication is our coop/run aren't yet finished & raccoon-proof. Resistant, but not proof. So all me pullets, chicks, & roo come into the basement into their runs & pens to sleep every night.
    The basement looks like a barn, basically, mostly pens with an aisle down the middle.
    Everyone gets carried by hand or milk crate to the woods to eat scratch & forage in the woods, in predator-resistant pens with hardware cloth aprons, in the day.

    That all having been explained, all my hen wants to do is sit on her eggs in the nest box of the chicken coop.
    The first night I took her off the wooden eggs at dusk & put her in her pen inside. She cried little whimpers all night.
    This second night I've made her a cardboard nest-box & put pine shavings & 3 extra wooden eggs in it, so I can transfer her from box to nest box in coop at dusk & dawn.

    I did this at dusk tonight & put her in her pen with the other silkie pullets, facing away from them . She sat down on the eggs & began cooing at them right away.

    Does anyone see anything wrong with this? I think if I break her broodiness, she'll get a bit nutty.

    She can sit & warm the wood all she wants, but I haven't seen her eat or drink all day. Should I force her out to the water bottle/ feed dish, or give her her own near the nest box?

    Last question: I coincidentally got 7 bantam cochin eggs today, which I'm setting tonight in my incubator, as I can't shuffle them from coop to basement each night under my broody.

    If I wait until day 14 or 18 or so & then sneak in at night to substitute the eggs, will she notice & will she probably hatch them?

    I actually got 7 eggs & thought of switching out her three right at "lockdown" time.

    She might as well get some satisfaction from all this, I think .

    Bad idea?
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    You need to make sure she eats and drinks at least one time per day...I guess they get carried away sometimes and I have seen stories on here of hens who died because of lack of drinking.

    2nd part of the question - I think you could give her some of the eggs to hatch out on day 16 or so. Don't know if I'd give a new broody all of them....maybe others will have different opinions.
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