Broody Silkie, can't break her of her broodiness

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    I have a silkie that for the past 2 weeks has been broody. I have booted her out of the area she has been sitting. And have closed that pen up so she can't get in there besides at night when all my chickens go in for the night. However, the minute I open that door little miss silkie goes right back to sitting. She's not really growly at me or anything. She's actually quite sweet. Now, I am debating on putting some eggs under her just to make her happy. How many eggs could I feasibly put under her? I have a few Ameraucana eggs and some RIR mixed eggs to put under her too.

    BTW, I am located in Ca. and we have been having rain, not sure what it would be doing a month from now. When the chicks hatch it's physically impossible for me to put a heat lamp where they are. Can't really run power out to the coop. So, do you think it's a bad idea for me to put some eggs under her now? I just want her to stop wanting to sit.

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    The best way to break a broody spell is to put the hen in a wire-bottomed cage set up on sawhorses or blocks so that the hen gets some air circulating up underneath her. Give her food & water & a roost, but no flooring. After 4-6 days she should be back to her regularly scheduled programming.

    Though I've heard that those silkies can be very determined Mamas. If you want to give her eggs, she should be able to keep her chicks warm enough without a light to help. I usually put 4-6 standard eggs under my broody banties.
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    Most people recommend, isolation and placing the broody bird on wired floor that is drafty to cool down the hens underside thus breaking the broodiness

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