broody silkie no longer broody at day 15 ?? now what?

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  1. Dar

    Dar Crowing

    Jul 31, 2008
    I had 2 broody hens one silkie and one mixed breed. its about day 15 and now they BOTH quit on me [​IMG]

    We had a coon in the coop about a week ago and took 2 hens right out of the coop and badly mauled another. FF>> 2 nights ago we found a BABY coon in the coop about 8 weeks old just chillin taking a view at the menu and hubby walked in and tossed the baby coon out. (dont ask why he didnt "deal" with the baby thats a whole other story) BUT now I have 3 eggs that have not been sat on in 2 days BOTH broodys wont go near the nest. I am thinking I toss the eggs into the field and move on... whats the chances the eggs are still viable? i am hoping the hens have been sitting and we just come into the coop when they were taking a break.

    coon story... hubby has no poblem dealing with adult coons... but says awwwwwww its so cute when they are babies and cant bring himself to do it... so much so he went and disabled all the have a heart traps last night in case he caught a baby. [​IMG]

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