broody silkie???

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  1. I have a silkie that I bought from a local breeder saturday.. my question is will she go broody? I have several hens that have a roo and I want to hatch them I praying that she will....[​IMG] will the silkie sit on them???
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    My Silkie hen, who is 11 months old, went broody last month. I had been collecting eggs to put into our homemade incubator, so after a couple of days, when I was pretty sure she was serious about staying on the two eggs she had in her nest, I put six more of her own eggs under her. She has been a great mother, taking super care of the eggs and last week hatched 6 cute little Silkie chicks (two of the eggs showed no development when I candled). Just keep an eye on your hen and you'll know when she's gone broody. I've always heard that Silkies make great mother hens.
  3. Silkies will try to hatch tennis balls if you let them...

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