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Mar 13, 2011
I'v only had chickens a few months now (and I'm already OBSESSED!!). I'v got two female silkies and a silkie roo. I originally was only going to keep the hens, but "Fluffy," my roo, is the absolute best and I can't imagine getting rid of him (even with those 6:30am crows). He is very respectful and careful with the hens, and he takes care of them. My white silkies just started laying about a month ago. One couldn't care less about her eggs. The other, though, is a drop-dead broody hen!! I went out of town two weeks ago. When I came back, she was sitting on a pile of eggs! I decided to let her sit on them- who can resist baby silkies? :) She gets very upset if she thinks you are going to take her eggs. I also have been putting a few eggs from Ms. Independent under my broody hen. I'm a little worried now, though, that maybe I shouldn't have done that. They will now hatch at different times (if they even hatch at all). What should I do with the babies? Take them as they hatch until they all hatch then give them back to mamma? It is very hot here in south GA, so I know they would be warm enough in their pen with mom. I'v got a 30 x 10 pen with the 3 silkies and 4 other young mixed hens and two coops in their pen. The silkies get in their coop every night (the other 4 go into the other).. could the babies climb into the coop with mom? Or should I keep them in the brooder until they are older? I also worry about varmints... I'v got hardware cloth 3 or 4 ft up their pen, but the rest is chain length fencing (2 dog pens put together) with wire at the top.

What do you guys think?

I put my broody silkie hen with her eggs in a separate coop so she wont be bothered by the other hens, the coop was about 3ft off the ground and near my dog so varmints weren't a problem. If you can't build a coop put her in a dog crate that's large enough and keep it in a safe area. When the babies hatch you don't need to take them away from the mother, she will wait a few extra days for the other eggs to hatch and she will guard the chicks with her life. she will help teach them were to get food and water too. Also when you bring in baby chicks to a mother there's a 50% chance she will take them and a 50% chance she will kill them, so just let them stay with mom.
Thanks for the advice :) I'v put her in a dog crate inside the house (hubby is not too thrilled about this), but it is only going to be for about two weeks. I was nervous because I gave her a different egg box, but after 15 minutes, she is back to sitting on all 10 of them!
I had the same problem with a broody and donated eggs. I let the broody sit on the eggs until the ones I knew were going to hatch did. I then pulled the other eggs because they were going to be about a week behind. I stuck them in the incubator and let them hatch. I put the younger babies back in with her today and she was fine with them. She's was trying to get them to eat, so cute! Since it's a little cool here I was worried they wouldn't know to get under her so I pulled them back out and put them in their brooder. Tonight I will put them under her in her dog box. I assume they'll figure it out after a night under a warm mama.
Thanks for your story! Hopefully my hen will be as nice as yours! ... guess I better find an incubator!

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