Broody Sultan!! Whooo Hoooo!

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    Jul 4, 2014
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    Okay, maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I was under the impression that Sultans aren't broody, which is why they're rare.
    So, my precious Alice, Mavis' daughter, has been hanging around in a nesting box for the last couple days & I was afraid she was sick (she's the absolute sweetest, and I was very worried). I'd take her out of the box & she'd eat & act normal,then go right back to the box. Well, she's laid an egg and she is sitting on it! I brought her out tonight to eat and she did, then marched right back up the ramp, into the box, re-arranged the egg and nestled in. She's broody!!! I'm so excited.
    But my concern is that I haven't observed her drinking. I've only had Sultans (who "aren't broody") so have never dealt with a hen who is tending eggs. Although my head tells me to let her take care of herself, my heart worries that she's not drinking.
    So my plea is to other Sultan keepers/breeders - should I leave Alice to her own plans (she was hatched last Easter, so this is her first adult season) or should I force her off her egg & hope she drinks? Is there anything else feed-wise I need to provide other than layer feed?
    Thanks - we hatched 5 gorgeous chicks with our Hova-bator so we've increased out flock of Sultans to 9.
    Happy Easter!!

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