Broody Test #2


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013
East Coast
I couldn't help myself but do another broody test. This january it worked, with three healthy chicks, one roo

two hens. I take our old duck brooder and line the bottom with straw. Then I place a clutch of eggs in a corner

or the center. I put a hen in for a day. It worked last time and the hen im testing hen has lost two clutches

already. She was actually guarding the little silkie cross. She has been acting broody but the eggs always get

collected or she gets up. My hopes are that if I confine her she will accept the clutch and hatch them out. I

also wanted to shake it up and give her three Swedish duck eggs. Im hopefull she will accept the clutch and in

a month or so we will have some cheeps.
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