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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by southernsibe, May 11, 2008.

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    Jun 15, 2007
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    I have a very broody turkey. She is going on way too long and I'm getting concerned. I have some poults that are just over a week old. Are they too old to give her to raise? I am getting very concerned because she has lost weight and shows no signs of letting up. Should I just let her hatch something, anything? I don't want to lock her out of the coop I just can't stand to put her through that if there is something else we can do for her.

    Any advice out there? I asked on the behavior and egg laying board, but didn't get much help. It was said that the poults were probably too old and she would start with day one instruction, that day olds would be a good solution, but I don't have access to any.

    I could really use some ideas here
  2. Frosty

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    Mar 30, 2008
    First off, I would try to get her off of the nest and candle the eggs. If they aren't any good, you can destroy them (but handle with care, if they are bad they could explode and that stinks!) If there are any that look viable, you can leave them there. When my hen was sitting, I put food and water where she could get it without getting off of the nest. If they are all bad, you can try giving her some of the other poults, and watch her to see if she accepts them. When my hen hatched some, I kept her in until the poults were a few weeks old, then I let them back out. A few days later, she joined forces with a wild hen and her brood, and both moms worked together taking care of all of the babies.
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    hmmm...I'm having a similar problem. One turkey hen sat on a nest for 6 weeks and I finally made her get up and tossed all her rotten eggs away. She immediately ran over, pushed another setting hen off the nest and sat on those eggs (that were also past due). THAT hen was mad and I saw her literally sitting on the hens head a few times! they ended up double sitting next to each other on this one nest.

    But then I lucked out because a few days later a third hen hatched chicks and left 4 eggs behind. I took those 4 eggs, and stuck them under the 2 double-duty hens. Well, guess what! 4 little chickies hatched 2 days later.

    Now it seems BOTH hens are taking care of 4 chicks between them. They seem fine with sharing and doing double duty mom duty. I'm happy because it got them both off the nest finally after a long long time. They're doing well as of today, not fighting or anything. I wonder if you could take a few of another hens eggs and give to her??

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