Broody vs bater- results

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    Broody hen-set with 12 eggs-all shipped, 1 broken during setting period- none candled and discarded- hatched 6 chicks

    Bater-set with 18 eggs in egg carton for entire incubation period- 15 shipped and 3 of mine. Candled at day 18 and discarded all but 11-9 shipped and 2 of mine. Hatched 7 chicks-5 shipped and my 2.

    Hen has all 13 chicks and treats them all the same. Good Mama.

    I had eggs from 3 different sources
    8 hatched from one source(shipped 16 eggs)
    3 hatched from other source(shipped 12 eggs and 2 were broken in shipping)
    2 out 3 of my eggs formed. Both hatched.

    63.6 % hatch rate in bater using egg carton method. This is slightly better than I had last time when I lay them on their sides, but I still had 2 pipped that made no more progress, so maybe the ones that pip but make no progress when they are on their sides is due to the chick not being strong enough to zip around. I don't know.I don't know that it helps alot to put them in the egg carton, but I don't think it hurts and clean-up is easier. The chicks seemed to hatch quicker. I think I will use it if I only set a few eggs because the cartons take up alot of room. If I want a full bater,I think I will put them in the turner(that doesn't work any longer) and put them on their sides at day 18.
    Anyway, I have 13 cuties,8 Deleware,1 Americauna,1 silkie,1 marans,and 2 mutts. All in all a good hatch.

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