Broody went back to pen


11 Years
Nov 10, 2008
I have her away from the pen in an old rabbit cage. I open her door every afternoon in case she wants out. Yesterday I opened it about 2 checked about 3 and she was not there. When I came home around8-8:30 she was still not in nest. I found her back in the pen on a nest there. I moved her back to the rabbit cage nest. She was off the eggs 5-6 hrs on day 3. Will that be a problem? Was she off 2 long? it is about 95 here. Cooler in the cage which is in the shade. The eggs felt cool but not cold.
I had a broody do that to me everyday! It seemed like we were always hunting her down and sticking her back on her eggs she was supposed to be sitting on. I, like you, was doubtful the chicks would hatch but they hatched out right on day 21! Yours will probably be fine too. I'd just keep a close eye on her for now on to make sure she doesn't do that again.

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