Broody/Winter behaviour..?


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May 12, 2013
I have had a couple of bantams for about 3 months and they lay every other day or so. About 4 weeks ago one went broody. I didn't mind, I just thought I'd ride it out and let it pass. 3 weeks later she is still broody and the other one has joined in. The second one is not as aggressive but has started to moult feathers (Autumn has just started).

I lock them out of the coop a couple of times a week to make sure that they catch up on eating and drinking. Should I just leave them to it or should I be considering trying to break them out of it?

I don't mind no eggs or them hiding away for a few weeks, as long as they stay healthy!

Thanks for any advice you can give.
If you're not hatching fertile eggs it's best to break them and the earlier the better.
If you are hatching eggs, you don't need to worry about food and water as long as it's available.
They'll come off the nest once a day to stretch, defecate, eat and drink. Depending on weather it might be for 10 minutes or an hour.

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