Broody with Chicks Still Wants Eggs

Spinning Carrie

Dec 12, 2015
I have a one-year-old FBCM, Professor Snape, who went broody, and remained broody after two weeks in a wire cage. I decided to get her some day old chicks which she accepted no problem. I kept them separated in the coop from the rest of the flock for a week, then took the barriers down the day three days ago. Snape and her chicks have been exploring the coop, but not much beyond it. I had an abnormally low lay day yesterday and thought it was the heat but realized Snape is still hoarding eggs. She had 8 eggs in her nest box and I caught her taking rolling one out right after another chicken laid it. I am hoping she starts taking the chicks into the run, but I think she wants to watch for eggs. Anyone else have this problem? Should I be worried? I leave for a week on vacation and I don't want she and the chicks to be stuck in a warm coop because she's egg napping.

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