Broody won’t sit on eggs!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Kfults, May 20, 2019.

  1. Kfults

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    Jun 12, 2018
    Southwest Louisiana
    I have hen ( cinnamon) she went Broody last month. I have experience hatching with a broody so I thought- sure!
    So I gave her eggs to hatch..... the next day all the eggs were pushed out from under her.... I tucked them back under. She kept pushing them out and was happily sitting on nothing! After a few days of this I gave up and put her in a broody breaker cage and after a few days broody nature was over. This week she went broody again and so did her sister ( in different nests) so I gave each 4 marked eggs. The next morning I found cinnamon had pushed all 4 eggs out from under her and again was happily sitting on nothing! I ended up giving those eggs to my other broody ( who is happy to sit on all 8) I once again put cinnamon in the broody breaking cage. Has anyone else had this happen?? Seems so against the nature of being broody! She is definitely broody- all puffed up when approached and very vocal about defending her nest.... no signs of illness or mites ect....
    just so weird! Nobody locally I have talked to has had a broody do this.
  2. Ridgerunner

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    I've never had a hen just laying eggs do that, let alone a broody hen. Totally strange to me.

    Broody behavior is based on instinct. It sounds like that hen has a wire loose on her pre-programmed instinct motherboard. Glad you have another broody since it sounds like you want one. I'd try to not hatch an egg from the broody with the wire loose, it might be hereditary.

    Good luck on the other hatch.
  3. CluckNDoodle

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    Jan 12, 2019
    Some broody hens just aren't good at their job. I have learned that if a hen proves to be a good broody, she will likely always be good at it, but the opposite is also true. So if a hen doesn't do a good job, she doesn't get to go broody at my house again.
    I technically have had 4 broody hens this year but only 2 were good broodies. 1 has been "sort of" broody for MONTHS, pulled all of her tummy feathers out, walks around making broody noises, but won't sit for more than a day, she's my ADD broody, lol. I haven't had one outright kicking eggs out from underneath her but I did have one that just wasn't as intuitive and every day when she got up to eat and drink she would go back to her eggs and not really adjust them properly so they wouldn't all be under her. I had to do it for her! lol

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