broody wont eat or drink.

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    Surprisingly enough after waiting for one of my turkey hens to go broody I gave up and put then in incubator, and two days later my black sex link mix went broody. So now this will be the third day and she hasn't eaten or drank anything. I pulled her out and dipped her beak in water a couple times and put food in her nest box but she won't take either. Is this normal? How long will/ can she go on like this. Never had a broody hatch before can't wait to watch mom and her chicks though.
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    Fairly common. They will eat and drink when it's time. Don't fret about it. Some hens can go 3-4 days without and still be healthy. Sometimes they get off the nest and you miss it. Just don't worry, she'll be fine.........Pop
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    Last year, when my Spitzenhauben went broody, I never saw her get up and I don't suspect she did, due to there was never no one else's eggs in her nest. She hatched out every egg and they were shipped. I think they know when to get up and when not to. They know where the food and water is and will go get it. I have a Marans on eggs right now and she looks determined. But I know she gets up at least once and long enough for someone to lay an egg.
    Good luck with your hatch.

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