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  1. Hi there! My 5 month old barnevelder that only started laying on Valentine’s Day has decided to go broody. I have always left a fake egg in the 2nd side of the nesting box in order to have the chooks lay in both nests, but every day I would find the fake egg back in the other side where the three chooks laid so now I know who the culprit is. She has been sitting 2 days now and refuses to budge regardless of me lifting her out and taking her to the other side of the pen and locking her out. She puffs up and scolds me and remains in her position until I open the door and then she bee lines back to the nest which I keep cleared of any eggs now. I don’t particularly want to set eggs but may not have a choice it seems. Might try the old dunk in the bucket trick tomorrow and if she still refuses will give her her way. Unless someone has any better ideas?
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    You always have a choice! :old

    I have broody hens all the time.

    It's awesome that you don't want to set eggs... because honestly their body is still developing at this age, as well as their mind.

    I'm not a fan of the dunk.

    Simply locking the lady away from the nest will make her pace frantically. The sooner the better. Some girls will break within a day or two while others have taken 2 weeks. Once they do break, it takes about a week before they start laying again.

    Many people use a wire bottom cage with no bedding to prevent a broody from sitting. I used to do that until I discovered the wire bottom was no MORE effective for me than an open bottom pen on the grass. Or even just the side yard. I still use the elevated wire bottom kennel to contain her during the night inside the coop so she can't access nest material or her chosen nest.

    I also use fake eggs. But my gals will brood air. It doesn't have to be the egg that was left in the nest. Even if I collect every single day, they will go broody on an egg they lay that day. And some gals, every 3 weeks like clock work.:barnie So once you have her broke, I think you are safe to return the fake eggs.

    Most broody's will stay where you set them down for a while before they get up and race back to the nest. Either don't open the door or move her where she can still be locked out if you have other gals that need to access the nest. They are VERY strong willed and determined. But it isn't just out of stubbornness, it's a hormonal drive.

    If you know you don't ever want to let her have chicks, rehoming might be a good choice since it seems as though she likely will again in the future. Once or twice per year of breaking is no big deal for me. But the gals that are broody every 3 weeks are quite a hassle. But we can't always tell that up front. I did have buff Orp that went broody once her first season laying (on a hidden nest) but hadn't again before she wen to a new home during her second season.

    Good luck! :)
  3. Thanks so much for the info

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