Broody's Galore


13 Years
Jul 10, 2009
Usually I'm lucky to have one or two hens go broody in a year, some years none at all. So I've had to use the incubator on a regular basis. This year I had one hen go broody and slipped some guinea eggs under as I wanted to increase my tick eating property roaming guinea flock. That poor hen set on those eggs four weeks and hatched 4 out of 10 eggs. That was three weeks ago------must be catching, I now have six hens decided they gonna get chicks too! So, I've slipped guinea eggs under two and chicken eggs under the other four. Other then seeing the broodys switch what nest they're sitting on, everything seems to be going alright. Well, other then the decrease in daily egg collection---guess the Missus will have less eggs to sell to her quilt club members!

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