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    Aug 3, 2014
    So... I never really thought of the law when my husband and I decided to purchase chickens because we live out in what I believe is the middle of nowhere with only 1 neighbor on a dead-end dirt road. However, reading all of these posts has made me wonder if we are really allowed to have chickens. I know there are others on here that live in Brooksville, FL so can anyone explain to me what the law is here. I do not live in the town of Brooksville, and I am completely confused when reading the legal jargon of the municode. I know that they must be allowed because someone a couple streets away has them, but it would be nice if someone could explain it plainly for me. Thanks.
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    Jan 4, 2015
    I see it has been a few months and nobody replied, but I signed up on this site and wanted to give you some valuable information that may help. I am considering getting chickens also, so I did some research on zoning. I found some very useful interactive maps from Hernando County and found out I am zoned for Agriculture/Residential. That zone allows me to have chickens and other livestock without and issues from the county.The link is which shows future zoning lands but will tell you what the property is zoned for and also is a general map that will give you additional information. Type your address in at the top of the page to search. Once you find your location just click once on the parcel of land and it will give you information about that lot.

    Now if you do live in residential zoning than here is a link that will give you information on what to do. CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT - CHICKENS.pdf

    I looked up the codes for Agriculture/Residential and here is a link to that also.

    Good luck to you and hope that helps.

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