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    i was wondering if my recently aquired rooster and hen would produce fertile eggs? she is already laying, but as far as breeding, after 3 weeks i have not witnessed it yet. anyway i waswondering since they have lived together their entire lives with other chickens if they would breed and she hatch chicks seeing how they are now the only 2 chickens i have and the fact that they are related? would any problems arise in the chicks related to them being siblings?any help?
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    If you follow this link, you will see how to tell if the eggs are fertile. If you cannot see the bull's eye when you crack the egg, it may be underneath. Gently turn the yolk over with a spoon to find it. Chickens have no moral problem with interbreeding, whether father-daughter, mother-son, or brother-sister. They will not refrain from breeding just because they are related.

    Fertile Egg Photos

    That is the easy part. The question about them being siblings is a bit harder. When you cross related chickens, certain traits are enhanced. Those may be good traits or those may be bad traits. No one can tell you for sure what will happen.

    All chicken breeds were developed by crossing related chickens. Practically all grand champions at big chicken shows are produced by crossing chickens with their relatives. That's how they enhance the appearance they want. The people that successfully do this know genetics fairly well and hatch a lot of chicks and only breed the ones that meet their criteria. You can get good quality chicks or poor quality chicks. It depends on the genetics.

    Will they breed? Yes. Will their chicks be OK or deformed? No guarantee either way. Purely depends on the genetics and how the genes pair up.

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