Brought my chickens home today!


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I have a confession, I've been lurking and reading as much as I can on here for months... But I finally have to post because... (Drum roll, please!!) the chickens are here!! I brought home four 2 month old pullets today! Barred rock, gold laced Wyandotte, black autralorp, and a white ameraucana. They are settled in to their home-made "coop" (converted giant dog crate) in the garage for now. They'll be living in the "garden" (also known as, the fenced weed patch I will attempt to tame next year) for the summer (with the crate for night time) while I try to convert our shed into a more formal coop for winter. I'm looking forward to life with chickens! Anyone have any tips on socializing pullets? These girls are considerably older than little chicks, and I got them from a local breeder that kept them all in runs with 20-25 birds. I could also post this on the Raising your backyard chickens forum, but would it be under chicks or managing the flock?? They're kind of the "in between" age...


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If age is inmaterial to your questions I would post on managing the flock.

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