Brower 624?


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Far NE Iowa
So my dear soon-to-be father in law brought me home a present from a farm he delivered some equipment to yesterday. I pulled in this morning to see a redwood incubator in the back of his truck. From my Googling it appears to be a Brower 624 in fairly good working order. It could use a scrub up on the interior, but the fan runs, it heats, etc.

What can y'all tell me about this thing? I've only ever hatched in a Little Giant and was pretty happy with just letting my RIR brood out what they could.

The gentleman he got it from was going to burn it, so Sr. gave him $75 and dragged it home for me. I'm clearly marrying in to the right family!

624 sounds like a Leahy model number, possibly labled and sold by Brower. I have a file with the instructions for the redwood Leahy 624 (and others) available for the asking. PM me your email and I'll get a copy on its way to you.
My understanding is that the Brower was indeed built by Leahy. Everything I know about this thing is from Googling pictures of other people's incubators. The label on mine is all worn off and I couldn't find a plate on it anywhere. Thanks!

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