Brown & Blue Light Brown Dutch Bantam eggs

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    Jul 15, 2011
    I have for sale 6+ (extras if I have them) brown and blue light brown dutch bantam hatching eggs. These were purchased from show quality stock last year. [​IMG]

    The Dutch Bantam chickens are a true bantam because they are naturally a small bird having no related larger chickens in their bloodlines from which it was miniaturized. They originated in the Netherlands. In their past, they were popular among peasants for egg production, because the larger eggs had to be given over to the royal kitchens. Although the breed has deep roots in Europe, it was only after World War II that it made an appearance in the United States. It is a friendly bird with a rather flighty personality. They are excellent for backyard hobby farmers who need a smaller bird that is a great layer.[​IMG]

    I take great care in packing my eggs when shipping; however, due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot guarantee your hatch! Please leave feedback according to the condition the eggs arrive in.

    Please give me 5 days after the auction ends to gather and ship your fresh fertile hatching eggs. Auction must be paid through paypal. I will send you my email at auction end.

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