Brown e g g chicken laying white e g gs?!?!? Need help please!

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    I need some help. I played an A p r i l f o o l s joke on my wife today. I had my grandmother put white e g g s out and take up all our green and brown e g g s except a few while my wife and I were at work. Now my wife is calling me very excitedly wanting me to check BYC to find out how this is possible, and if a chicken can lay two e g g s in one day (my g-ma put out one too many) so if someone could send me a pm explaining how that every so often while they are changing e g g cycles some ch ic ke ns will change their e g g colors and can even lay two. You could even add that if they are in a flock together that the horomones or something scientific can cause several ch ic ke ns to do it at the same time. That would be great! Of course I am going to tell her the truth later, but I want to wait until I've led her on a little longer.

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    Huh?? [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] that's one busy rooster!
  4. Cocky

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    also, r o o s t e r should be e g g

    The mods really out did themselves this year [​IMG]
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    On a rare occasion a hen will produce more that one during a 24 hour period. And, since the brown ones are created by a coating deposited over a white shell, it is also (rarely) possible for a brown layer to produce a white one.


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