Brown egg --I can scratch the brown off the egg !!!

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    Apr 20, 2012
    Brown egg --I can scratch the brown off the egg !!!

    When I washed the egg I notice I could scratch it and it would turn a light pink? if this common..

    Thank in advance

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    Feb 17, 2013
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    I know you can do that with Marans ... what kind of bird do you have?
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    That’s the way it is supposed to work. There is one gene that determines if the base color is white or blue. The brown and green comes about because of other genes that puts brown with that. Look at it this way:

    Base white + no brown = white
    Base white + brown = brown
    Base blue + no brown = blue
    Base blue + brown = green

    There are a lot of different genes that can add brown. Which genes are present and how they mix together determines which shade of brown or green you might have. Some people look at it as a white or blue car being painted with a spray gun, but that’s not totally correct. Still, you can usually scratch the brown off to see the base color underneath.

    If you crack the egg open and remove the membrane inside you can see that the shell is basically white. I’ve seen some that look a little ivory or pink when I do this, not totally bright white, but that brown outside covering can be scratched off.
  4. kjmvmm

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    Apr 20, 2012
    3 Buff Columbian d Uccle Bantam --- creamy white 1R/2H
    2 Black Sex Link------large brown eggs H
    2 Silver Laced Cochin------
    medium size brown eggs H
    2 Barred Plymouth Rock----large brown eggs H
    3 Polish Bantam----- white eggs R/H?
    6 Easter egger------- green/blue/olive H
    4 Silkie Bantam
    ----light cream colored egg (1WR/1WH) 1BR/1BH


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