Brown egg layer lays a white egg today


12 Years
Mar 11, 2007
Austin, TX
Has this ever happened to anyone here? I can't find any info on this doing a google search. Please, if anyone can explain this to me, the hen has been in the coop/run for a few days because I just planted some new stuff and haven't gotten the fence up yet. There is no way a stray chicken can get in there, it's raccoon proofed. I have been raising chickens for 5 years and have never seen this before. We are talking med/dark brown to white with a very slight pink tint (almost unnoticeable).

Link above seperate topic from info below. 1 above says if older hen it is probably normal. Several comments, so worth a look. I know yours isn't in a commercial production house. Which info below pretty much applies to. It had same results so I included it.

It is important that only laying hen rations be
used. Diets for replacement pullets and meat
chickens raised on litter floors may include
coccidiostats (to control the parasitic condition
known as coccidiosis). Coccidiostats should
not be fed to laying hens.
Nicarbazine is an anticoccidial drug that
reduces reproductive importance. The yolk
membrane is weakened resulting a condition
known as mottling. In addition, when
nicarbazine is fed to brown egg layers, the
egg shell color changes to white within 48
hours. This change, however, is completely
reversible if the product is removed.
I have silkies and i have been getting brown tint eggs and today i got a white egg people can u tell me why
Hahaha, I wasn't the only one with this problem today :)
I feed organic layer to my hens and they are less than or right at a year old.
I gonna go with 1muttsfan, the hen must have skipped the dye step ;)

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