Brown egg layers for sale in OK (sold)

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  1. kaacres

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    I am trying to seperate out my pens, so I need to get rid of some New Hampshire Red hens. They are laying daily on 18% pellets. They are in with 1 Barred Rock Rooster, 1 Rhode Island Red Rooster and 1 Black Standard Cochin, so you might get some good practice eggs to put in the incubator too.

    First come basis at $12.00/each. They just turned a year old.

    PM if you are inerested. They are a bare backed right now but they are laying very well.
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  2. krazynoklahoma

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    Hi kaacres,
    I am E of lexington also. I saw that you have silkies on your list of birds that you have.
    Would you by chance have any chicks or eggs that you would like to sell??

  3. kaacres

    kaacres Songster

    I don't but I do know that okcarla does you might try to get in touch with her. I bought my silkie babies and some Brabanters from her at an auction and have since bought some Spitzhaubens and Jersey Giants from her. Her babies are all very healthy and happy, so I definitely recommend buying from her!

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