Brown egg-laying mutt?

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My husband and I got eight 3 year old hens(I know, I know)last week and are unable to identify one of the breeds. She's a brown egg-layer and at first glance she sort of looks like a red sex-link but I have a handful of those girls and the coloring just isn't the same. I'm a first time chicken mama, though, so I could be wrong. Could she just be a mutt?
Is a Golden Comet and a Red Star the same thing? We got a few Red Stars from My Pet chicken, which I know are red sex-links. Are Golden Comets red sex-links as well?
There are many, many combinations that can be called Red Sex Links. She may not have been one at all, although she bears that coloring. I'd say 3 years old is about right, given the bleaching of the yellow. Her super high production days are over, but she'll still lay a few per week for you.
We bought them in hopes of getting enough eggs for our family of four until our 23 ten and twelve week old girls(at least I hope they're all girls)start laying. We've only had these new girls since last Sunday and today they've already gifted me with 4 eggs. Not bad. Anyhow, thank you for the info.
Golden comets are a type of red sexlink, so are red stars. There are several diferent combos of parents that will give red sexlink chicks, and hatcheries often give them their own names. I have an older red sexlink, too. Maggie is the sweetest chicken I've ever owned and still lays about 5 JUMBO eggs a week.
I have hen that lays every single day, but her eggs are only medium sized. I think Maggie makes up in size what she's missing in quantity.
My vote would be for Gold Comet/Gold Sex-link. Your chicken could be my hen's twin! They're a lovely, easy going, and reliable breed.
AKA cherry egger what ever she is she is a beauty and a red something pic a name(Breed) you like best out of the ones given and that is what she is...
It might not be so bad having them, because having a few older hens in the flock can help calm down the younger ones. Or so I have heard. Your a good person to take them in, I hope you and them enjoy their retirement.

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