Brown egg vs white egg

The only difference as far as I am concerned is the chicken it came out of!
I have a California White that has laid a white egg EVERY single day since I got her...37 weeks ago as a chick...she is an amazing bird...not very big, but my best layer...she can also take flight pretty well too, amazed me one night taking off at the barn, and being air born for over 20 yds...

oh, no difference, except color of shell!
Around my parts it seems people looking to buy eggs seem to equate a white egg to the grocery and a brown one to farm fresh. I get requests for those big brown fresh eggs. Funny my chickens have just started laying but I already have people wanting to buy my brown eggs. Jeesh I need to get my quota before they get theirs.
I have never been asked for those white eggs.
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Brown eggs sell better than white eggs in my area. Everyone who stops wants to buy brown eggs, and only take the white ones, if I'm out of brown.
Thanks for the reply's. I guess what I'm looking for is if there is any nutritional difference. I think the community has been made to think that Brown is better because of white eggs being associated with store bought eggs. Right now all I get is brown eggs. I'm interested in volume and was thinking of adding some White Leghorns. Wasn't aware of any nutritional difference since both will be farm raised.


Truly, outside of preference, there's not any difference. However, the preference can probably be linked to a formal advertisement back in the mid-'80's early 90's that used to run in magazines and on TV about how they claimed they were better for you!

IMHO, brown are better than white in case your eggs get a little dirty - and altho' I do clean those up - they remain looking a bit stained. It won't show up as much, if at all, on the brown as it does on a white egg.

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