Brown egger chicks

Dustin Biery

12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
Mulberry, Arkansas
Guys, I have 100 of them that the hatchery shipped out sooner than they were supposed to. $1.00 each, pick up only. There are dark brahmas, a few barred rocks, coupla sex links, and a few partridge rocks and a whole bunch of EE. PM me or post here if you are interested.

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How old are they, do you have any pictures and how many barred rocks, sex links and partridge do you have. And are they pullets or mixed.
Let me know and I'll think it over and let you know if I'm going to get them.
I'm just about 30 min to ft smith so I could come get them.
Some where around 20 barred rocks. I am not sure on the partridge, but I will get a count and get back to you. And only a few sexlinks. And they are straight run.

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