Brown eggs and my weird mother

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    Oct 9, 2008
    My mom asked me a question about eggs today, I guess she figures my new-found chicken obsession makes me an egg expert, lol. She asked what it was about brown eggs that made them 1. healthier, 2. have thicker shells, 3. have a tough, brighter orange/almost red yoke. After a bit of prodding I found out that she has been buying fresh eggs, not eggs from the store. I told her it was not the color of the shell that made the eggs that way, that is was because they are FRESH! lol.

    Then, she wanted to know how to "fix" it. Dang! What is there to fix? I LOVE fresh eggs! I no longer really like the eggs from the store. If I have a choice I will definitely pick the fresh egg over the store egg! I laughed at her and told her if she sticks them in the back of the fridge for a month or two they will be more like store eggs, lol. I did point out, also, that the richer yolk is also due to better feeding than the commercial egg layers and it was that richer yolk that made them healthier. She complained that the tougher "membrane" on the yolk made them more difficult to mix into things. [​IMG] Unless there really is something strange about the eggs that she cannot communicate over the phone (I have not seen the eggs, she lives about 1400 miles from me) I just cannot believe that it is that much of a problem. The firmer, richer yolk may require a couple more strokes to beat up but they are not that tough. It kind of makes me think of those commercials selling flippable omelet pans that make it look messy and darn near impossible to flip an omelet with a spatula.

    I really do not think that I convinced her. I think she still thinks it is just those darned brown eggs [​IMG] She said she has already found a cheaper source of WHITE eggs. I guess if the hens are on a more commercial diet and the eggs have a "normal" yolk I will never be able to convince her it is not because of the shell color. Oh well, let her eat her yucky store eggs. I will remember not to bring her any fresh eggs when I go visit!

    I may never convince her, but her chicken questions are always good for a laugh [​IMG]
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    Nov 12, 2008
    desert of calif
    some people are so weird/funny...
    i have a friend that wont eat the "green" ones from the EEs..
    i tell her they are the SAME on the inside,, she doesnt even like to touch them..

    i have also had MANY people ask "can you EAT the BANTIE eggs???".......
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    That's pretty funny!! My mom won't eat my fresh eggs because she's afraid of salmonella - and she was raised on a farm!!!!!! Good grief!!! [​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2008
    Ocala, FL
    My mom wont eat my farm fresh eggs because.... (this one-liner should be a new post)

    .... she thinks she's eating potential chickies, and that its just plain gross. For somereason commercial rasied eggs are not gross, but any egg coming out of my cute chickens who eat healthy things is Gross.

  5. rizq

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    Oct 9, 2008
    lol [​IMG] I guess it is not as bad as when she asked me if chicken have one or two "holes" (her exact words ... she is a nurse practitioner, btw). I told her that they have a cloaca and it is for all functions, lol.

    My aunt (who was raised with chickens) will not eat the fresh eggs because she does not want to eat something that came out of "an old chicken's butt!" Like were does she think the store eggs come from? And they had chickens when she was growing up!! Of course, she also thought the store had ripped her off when she bought a whole, cut-up chicken and it only had 2 legs!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If nothing else, family is definitely entertaining!
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    Ya know it seems as people age they get some dang weird ideas about how things are done or should not be done.
  7. enola

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    My boyfriend is the same way as your mother. He thinks the eggs should be in the refrigerator the SECOND it hits the nest bedding. I accidentally left an egg on my flower potting table overnight and he actually THREW IT IN the trash. It was even a cool night ! [​IMG]
  8. grunnt55

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Lake City, Florida
    How long can you leave and egg out at room temp and it be safe to eat?
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    Jul 11, 2008
    Gila, New Mexico
    I've heard that in Britain and some other countries, in the grocery stores eggs are on the shelf next to the bread...

    My friend who also has chickens never keeps her eggs in the fridge. She gave me several dozen before I had my chickens, and they were always fine and dandy. It was just her and her husband living in the home, so they didn't go through eggs as quickly as my family. So they must have sat there for a week, at least, before she gave them to me.
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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Hmmm...ask your mom if the yolks seem more solid, like they're sort of gelled or thickened, maybe, and really not mixing in with things. If they are, she may have gotten some eggs that had frozen at some point. When yolks freeze, they gel. If they only partly froze, they might still mix into things, but be a lot harder to mix. A yolk that's been completely frozen won't mix in at all, it just gets mashed into globs or chunks! I suspect that's what happened. If she lives where the weathers been really cold, the folks she got the eggs from may not realize that the eggs had partly frozen. The shells will crack if they freeze all the way through, but an egg can partly freeze and not crack.

    Previously frozen eggs make ok hard boiled eggs, or fine pet food. You can fry them if you like your yolks hard, but you might want to slice the yolk in two, because they don't flatten out at all.

    Ordinary farm fresh, pastured chicken eggs shouldn't be causing her that sort of problem. Which, you already know, obviously!
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